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Who we are

Giant Seal Industrial was founded in the country that has the highest motorcycle and scooter density, Taiwan in the 1990s. We are a specialized manufacturer of security locks for motorized 2-wheelers with a 20-year experience and has been recognized in Taiwan as the solid name in the security lock industry. As the largest manufacturer and marketer, we continue to build quality and value into our expanding lines of security products.

From designing and drafting, prototype development to production, we have a pure passion on creating the best security in the world which enable us to ensure that all our products are with excellent functionality and reliability. In addition, our devotion to the ISO-9001 compliant quality control system also helps to increase customer's confidence in our products.

Why are our products competitive?


  • With the proper choice of materials, it ensures unbeatable endurance in powersports security including U-locks, padlocks, disc locks etc.

  • Manufacturing process: more than 20 years experience has made us a professional security lock provider.

  • Various shapes: We do understand the market and put efforts to design motorcycle lock with different appearances to meet market requirements.

  • Strength: Being innovative is crucial, our R&D team developed a method to assure our products are unique, unbeatable with high strength.

  • Bike Lock's Work environment is ISO9001 certified

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